Have a question for Hawkes Tree Service? We specialize in tree care services and pest control services, including mosquito control, tick control, & more in Rockport, ME & surrounding areas. 

Do you sell firewood?

No, but Hawkes Firewood in Phippsburg does. The phone number to their office is (207) 389-2038.

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes, we currently have ten (10) Maine First Class Utility and Landscape Arborists on staff, one (1) Maine BPC Commercial Master Applicator, and four (4) Maine BPC Commercial Operators. We are fully insured with general liability and workers compensation as well as several other policies that we hold. For more information please contact our office, (207) 442–7444.

Do you treat for Browntail Moths? Or Ticks and Mosquitos? What if I live near water?

Yes, we have treatment programs for all of them including treatment options that follow the State of Maine pesticide regulations for shoreland zones. Give us a call today for a free estimate and let us discuss a treatment program with you!

Are you available to work on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, upon advanced request we are available for weekend work.

Protecting &
Maine’s Natural
We are committed to practicing responsible land stewardship that protects our trees, water, shoreland, and wildlife.
Quote ImageMy go-to Tree Company!
I cannot speak highly enough of Jarrod, Mark, and their entire crew. They are a pleasure to work with. They are professional, prompt, reasonably priced, respectful & responsible. My go-to tree company!—Karen B.