Plant Health Care

At Hawkes Tree Service our plant health care (PHC) program allows us to offer many different services that will promote the overall health and longevity of your trees and shrubs. There is much more to caring for your plants than just watering and occasional pruning. We can help you identify current and potential stressors and identify what may be causing your trees to not look as healthy as they could be. Our skilled arborists are trained with the latest industry standard techniques and educated about PHC issues and regional threats.

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Our Services

  • Plant identification
  • Insect & disease identification
  • Tree structure evaluation
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Air spading root regeneration
  • PHC assessments
  • Cabling & bracing

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is essentially a multifaceted approach to mitigating a pest problem by incorporating many different management options. Many IPM or pest control programs rely heavily on conventional pesticides as their go-to treatment recommendation. Here at Hawkes Tree Service we understand that there is more to pest management than short-term chemical controls. We recommend the use of multiple approaches including site inspections, monitoring pest populations, evaluating the need for pest control, and making recommendations for one or more suitable control methods when necessary. These options may include conventional pesticides but we emphasize the use of mechanical controls, sanitation or biological controls, and other non-chemical methods.

When we first begin monitoring a property it is important for us to take an inventory of all the different pests and potential pests that may be inhabiting the property. From there we can make our recommendations from our IPM program and set up a plan that is best for you. In some cases the plan may be as simple as pruning trees to allow more sunlight and wind to pass through and dry out a wet area.

Our licensed arborists and applicators can identify, diagnose, and treat many different plant diseases and pests including but not limited to: Ticks, Mosquitos, Browntail Moth, Poison Ivy, Winter Moth, Gypsy Moth, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Emerald Ash Borer, Anthracnose, Scales, and Apple Scab.

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We are committed to practicing responsible land stewardship that protects our trees, water, shoreland, and wildlife.
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